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What is
composite bonding?

Composite bonding, in Ayrshire, is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses tooth-coloured filling material to enhance the appearance of teeth. It’s ideal for fixing issues like chips, discolouration, or misshapen teeth. During the procedure, we apply and sculpt the composite to match the desired look, then hardened it with a blue light. This process offers a durable and attractive result usually without the need for any tooth reduction. It’s a quick, non-invasive, and cost-effective way to achieve a more confident and appealing smile.

Shape, Colour & Size

Composite bonding can reshape irregularly shaped teeth, creating a more harmonious smile. It can also be used to improve the colour of teeth.​

Chipped, Worn or Discoloured​

Composite bonding can repair and restore teeth with chips or fractures. It can cover stains and discolouration, providing a whiter, more uniform appearance.​

Gaps or Spaces

Composite bonding can close small gaps and spaces between teeth, improving overall alignment.​

Crooked or Misaligned

Composite bonding can help teeth with minor misalignments or irregularities appear straighter, without the need for orthodontic treatment.​


CONSULTATION    The process begins with a consultation with Dr Amir Nazim. During this appointment, we discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns. We will assess your dental health to determine if composite bonding is the right solution for your needs.

COMPOSITE BONDING    This typically involves just one appointment. In most cases, composite bonding requires no anaesthesia because it is a minimally invasive, pain free procedure. During this visit, we will apply the bonding material, shape it to perfection, and ensure you leave with a beautifully enhanced smile – all in a single, convenient session.

REVIEW    During this appointment, we will examine the bonding’s condition, address any concerns, and ensure your satisfaction. It’s a crucial step to ensure your new smile looks and feels perfect.

our unique approach

Personalised Care​

We believe in tailored solutions. Our experienced team take the time to understand your unique smile goals, ensuring that every treatment plan is customised to achieve your desired results.​

Skilled Expertise​

Our team are masters in the art of composite bonding. With years of hands-on experience, we bring precision, artistry, and attention to detail to every procedure, guaranteeing a stunning outcome.​

Cutting-Edge Technology​

We invest in the latest dental technology and materials, ensuring that your composite bonding is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.​

Proven Results​

Our track record speaks for itself. We have transformed countless smiles, earning the trust and loyalty of our patients through consistently exceptional results.​

Comprehensive Aftercare​

We don’t just stop at the procedure. Our commitment to your smile continues with thorough post-treatment care and follow-up appointments to ensure your bonding remains flawless.​

The Benefits
Of composite bonding?

MINIMALLY INVASIVE    Unlike some other dental procedures, composite bonding preserves your natural tooth structure, often requiring little to no tooth reduction.

QUICK RESULTS    Experience an immediate improvement in your smile within a single visit, as the bonding procedure is typically completed in a single visit.

PAINLESS PROCEDURE    The process is virtually painless, requiring no anaesthesia in most cases, and minimal discomfort post-treatment.

CUSTOMISATION    We can match the colour and shape of the bonding material to your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless blend with your smile, or change the shapes, sizes and colour of your teeth to provide a bolder and whiter smile. The choice is yours!

VERSATILITY    Composite bonding can address a wide range of cosmetic issues, from minor flaws to more extensive smile makeovers.

IMPROVED CONFIDENCE    A transformed smile can boost your self-esteem and overall confidence, positively impacting your personal and professional life.

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cosmetic Dentistry​

dr amir nazim award-winning cosmetic dentist in ayrshire
Dr Amir Nazim

Dr Amir Nazim, an esteemed Cosmetic and Implant Dentist with an impressive track record, has earned recognition for his exceptional achievements. He graduated with Honours from the University of Glasgow and boasts several Postgraduate Diplomas. Furthermore, his commitment to excellence is highlighted by his recent completion of a Master of Science in Prosthodontics from the University of Central Lancashire, enabling him to craft breathtaking smiles and administer cutting-edge treatments.

Dr Amir Nazim’s accolades speak volumes about his expertise. He clinched the prestigious ‘Best Young Dentist’ award at the 2021 Dentistry Scotland Awards, setting the stage for continued success. In 2022, he further solidified his reputation by being named a Finalist at numerous awards including the Clinical Dentistry Awards, The Dental Awards and The Private Dentistry Awards.

What truly sets Dr Amir Nazim apart is his unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable composite bonding results. As a true perfectionist, he is committed to ensuring that his clients consistently experience nothing short of outstanding outcomes.